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Soulular Healing

Soulular healing focuses on the realignment of energetic points within the physical and spiritual body. A safe space is held for one to share their experiences and communicate what energies they are ready to release. Every session is unique and honors specific needs of each individual. Through an integrative process, Maia combines Reiki energy, channeling from beyond, ancestral communication, and meditation. Other spiritual modalities such as the utilization of smoke clearings, crystalline frequencies, sound tools, and essential oils are integrated in each session to help clear the aura and support the realignment of the Chakras. 

Astrology Reading

Maia practices both Intuitive and Tropical Astrology, also know as modern day astrology. Natal chart readings help individuals navigate the world around them. We were born, not by chance, at an exact moment setting up a blueprint of our life. The Natal chart tells a story of who we are.


Maia creates a safe space for individuals to discuss their chart and to ask questions freely. She has an educational approach by giving insight on what each planetary and zodiac placement means, helping individuals understand their chart on a soul level.

Private Workshops

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunements

  • Soulular Healing Circle

  • Astrology 101: The Planets

  • Astrology: Exploring Karma & Destiny

  • Connecting to Our Ancestors

  • Sound Frequencies: Singing bowls & meditation

Tropical Leaves



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