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Sacred spaces are held regularly for the Full Moon. All spaces support the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. You will also find collaborations, O'ahu craft markets, and other community offerings below.


The Love market

Saturday 12/9


The Waikiki Beach Comber 

2300 Kalākaua Ave., Honolulu 


-Holiday gifts

-Vintage clothing


-Aura photography

Free admission

Winter soulstice sound bath

with Energy Healing

Sunday 12/17


This is a special collaborative event with Maia from Enlightened Reality and Maya from Macaw Medicine! We will have double the sound with energy alignments.


The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of our year and is a time of slow moving energy and reflection. During this event we will utilize the power of sound and energy healing to clear away anything that no longer serves our highest good. Together, we will clear the energies from this past year while realigning our bodies, minds, and spirits for the year ahead. 


Sound baths have been utilized for thousands of years in meditation. They help promote tranquility and relaxation while helping decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Maia and Maya will be offering 1 hour of sound from 14 different crystalline singing bowls, brass Tibetan bowls, and chimes. Energy healing will be integrated throughout the hour period to further support each individual during their sound journey.

Sound Bath & magic market

Tuesday 12/12


Romer Hotel Waikiki

 2040 Kūhiō Ave., Honolulu

-Sound bath


-Tarot readings

-Local artists & vendors

-Cash bar

Free admission

Lōkahi Market

Sunday 12/24


Enlightened Reality is at this makers market once a month!


A one of a kind farmers & makers market located in the heart of Kailua. Every Sunday from 9:00am-1:00pm


340 Uluniu St., Kailua

Holiday Market

Tuesday 12/16


Morning Brew Kailua

600 Kailua Rd., Kailua

-Local vendors

-Live music

-Food & drink menu

-In-store sales


Free admission


Full Moon Circle

Friday 12/29


During this Women's circle we will build the bonds of sisterhood while connecting to the Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. The Full Moon is a time to reflect, release, and heal old wounds or cycles. The Full Moon in Cancer encourages us to reflect on how we nurture/would like to feel nurtured, our emotions, family, divine feminine energy, and empathy.


We will utilize the power of herbal magic, astrology, sound meditation, journaling, and deep listening to release energetic attachments that no longer serve our physical self and soul. Making these soul connections and creating safe spaces is key to building a stronger, more intuitive, and emotionally aware world. Feel the freedom to express yourself, let go, and gain tools & rituals to utilize during the moon cycles!

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