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Lauren S.

“I saw Maia for an energy healing session, and I loved every minute of it. She guides you through each step - the preparation work, setting intentions, the energy healing, as well as a post session discussion. She is thoughtful, intuitive, compassionate, and so grounded. If you are looking for a healer, I would highly recommend Maia and the beautiful, safe space she provides."

Thalia H.

"I LOVE attending Maia’s full moon women’s circles that she hosts monthly. She hold space for women to be comfortable and open with one another without even have known them! I’ve seen some ladies who had initially been so shy to be in that space become so comfortable and confident within it. Everyone is so respectful and honorable of the space to learn what the full moon is showing us at that time. It’s a great space for both the shy and the extrovert. Maia provides oracle cards to pull from, delicious tea, and my favorite part, an immersive sound bath experience with some reflection following. She is so good at carrying the focus points throughout the time and is flexible to letting the conversation go where it needs to go. I leave it feeling refreshed, and encouraged by the conversations and interactions. I’m so grateful to have that circle and look forward to it every month. She provides her apothecary items for sale during that time as well which is convenient if you’re interested!"

Adriana N.

"Everything hosted by Maia at Enlightened Reality is amazing! I have attended many events and have had a few astrology readings with Maia. If you’re looking to learn astrology and want learn more about yourself then definitely get an Astrology reading! Every reading was so reflective and aligning for me. I can’t wait to get more readings and attend more events!"

Layla K.

"Maia is an incredible healer who has guided me through difficult moments in my life. I always learn so much about myself and spirituality when working with her and always feel so much more grounded after our sessions."

Chelsea M.

"I highly recommend connecting with Maia for an astrology reading. She has helped me learn so much about astrology and it is amazing how much knowledge she has to share. She welcomes questions and the chart reading is very conversational allowing you to fully understand your chart. Maia loves connecting with others and sharing her passion, which makes for a beautiful experience."

Mars M.

"Great Experience! Maia has an amazing skill at identifying pathways to inner growth. I highly recommended!"

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